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FAS Kids

FAS Kids
FAS Kids is a place where kids are B.I.G.!
Each week we partner with parents to lead children to a Belief in Jesus Christ and His Power, help them become Involved in ministry, and ensure they are Growing both spiritually and emotionally.

K-5th grade meets every Sunday at 10 AM with our team of children’s leaders. Children are welcomed with games and activities before we begin and enjoy an experience that allows them to have fun while giving space for them to grow closer to Jesus!

Birth - 5 year olds meet every Sunday at 10 AM in our recently renovated classrooms! Our team prepares each week to effectively care for and minister to every child based on their level of understanding and development.

Infants & Crawlers
Are welcomed into a quiet environment where they are loved and prayed for every time we gather.

Toddlers & Twos
Have room to move and will begin singing along with our leaders.

3 - 5 year olds
Enjoy age appropriate lessons and curriculum in a space that inspires wonder in all that God has created!

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