Our Pastor

JP Cannon

Pastor JP

Tamara and I are husband and wife first, parents second, and leaders third. We have spent our lives together ministering to children, youth, young adults, newlyweds, parents, and future leaders.

I grew up in the south and she grew up on the west coast. We met in Birmingham AL and have enjoyed decades of ministry together. We started our adventure at FAS in June of 2022 and look forward to building a community of believers that enjoy authentic relationships and serving others with compassion.

Our vision for FAS is for all generations to be connected and growing as one. We believe each age group can contribute uniquely to the common goal of leading others to a belief in Jesus Christ and His power. The goal can only be accomplished by creating space for every individual to be involved. The resulting spiritual and emotional growth will be the difference that stands out in a hurting world.

If you plan to visit, we begin at 10 AM on Sunday and our attire is casual. If you don’t make it before we start be sure to hang around after and say hello!

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